No one knows for certain who truly lays claim to the first Christmas tree,,, ... but few dispute that it was in Latvia.

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Finland has Santa Claus. Russia has traditional handmade Christmas ornaments. Germany has Christmas markets. But arguably the most well-known of Christmas traditions -- decorating the Christmas tree -- may have its origin in Northern Europe. The exact origin of the Christmas tree is obscured by uncertainties of oral histories of the people in early European cultures. Discussions and arguments over which of the Baltic towns was first to decorate the Christmas tree must go deep into the history of the region, and of course may be all but impossible to reconcile. When searching for the historical beginning of the first Christmas tree, one must go very deep into the past. Just like Santa Claus one finds that the first Christmas tree was combination of many different facts, legends and customs. The first documented use of a tree in a winter Christmas celebration was in several locations in Northern Europe including the current countries Estonia, and Latvia

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